Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For 1BHK Apartment

When you have large 3BHK, you don’t need to think a lot for decorating it. You’ve ample space at your disposal which is not so difficult to make a grand flat look good. However, most average people begin their lives having a 1BHK where you have 1 bedroom, a hall along with a kitchen. Is it not important to make the first home of your lifetime look special?

That is why, what we all need interior ideas for 1BHK homes. Decorating a little home is a much more challenging task. You need to take many difficulties but necessary decisions while doing the inside decoration. But with these interior ideas for 1BHK homes, you ought to be able to do up your house in fashion.

Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For 1BHK Apartment

Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For 1BHK Apartment

Interior Ideas For 1BHK Homes

Angular Furniture

Most homes are rectangular, square or L-shaped. In either case, round, oval or oddly shaped furniture doesn’t match the corners of your home. So one of the smartest interior ideas for 1BHK homes is to locate only rectangular or square furniture.

Foldable Furniture

As many people look for interior ideas for 1BHK flat nowadays, foldable furniture is really a rage. This sort of furniture is compact and saves space. Additionally, it have dual utility, For instance sofa-cum-beds, foldable breakfast counters etc will be in very high demand nowadays.

Minimal Furniture

The most important thumb rule for decorating a little home is to keep the furniture minimal. You might love bulky leather couches and round dinning tables. However the fact is that a 1BHK is too small to accommodate bulky sofas and ornate tables. You need to think sleek and minimal.

Colour Coding

A great deal of doors and curtains make your house look smaller and clumsier. That’s the main reason, you must use wall paint colours to demarcate areas in a space. For example, you could paint one wall all red and also the dining table against it. That becomes your dinning room within the Hall.

Lots Of Cabinets

When you are remaining in a little space, you need all of the space for storage possible. You need to build lots of wall cabinets and alcoves for your 1BHK flat. This is to stow away all of your things and stop any clutter within the only a little space.


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