7 Way to Increase Privacy in your Backyard

A carefully designed and landscaped backyard could be a wonderful place for socializing and relaxing with friends and family. A backyard can also provide solitude as well as the quiet enjoyment of nature. However- designing for group and individual activities often gets to be more challenging when there is limited space. You might feel like you’re in a fishbowl with your neighbours looking in, or that the space is not really separated within the surrounding properties.

There are many different privacy solutions available, and while some provide privacy from prying eyes, others are used to block unwanted noises. Here, we’ve got some cool ideas for backyard privacy that you will love.

Bamboo Barrier

Creating privacy in your backyard

Creating privacy in your backyard

If you are searching for a natural way to produce a barrier, consider planting bamboo. This trendy plant will grow quickly to it’s maximum height and could be cut down to build a freestanding fence. Proper research into species types can help avoid any problems related to spreading and overgrowth. Adding bamboo before a fence is also an effective way to improve yard privacy.

Mid-size Trees

Another simple and easy , year round way to ensure yard privacy is as simple as installing a row of medium-sized trees. Research which type of trees grow well in your town such as an American Arborvitae, and remember these trees will need to be maintained. For installation, rent a Boxer 427 Compact Utility Loader out of your local Compact Power Center and apply it to digging, moving dirt, and manoeuvring trees into position.

Retaining Walls

Besides fences, homeowners might also install retaining walls produced from sturdy materials like stone or brick. Again, be sure to check with your HOA for local regulations and restrictions. Brick and stone walls are solid and durable enough to withstand all types of conditions, and can also be a place to carry vines, which will add a lot more coverage depending on how high they grow.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants could be a great way to increase privacy for areas having a roof such as a pergola, screened-in porch, or patio. Ferns and flowers are a couple of popular plants types that are easy to grow and low maintenance. Building multiple shelves to accommodate layers of plants can produce a full screen and can be an enjoyable DIY project for a weekend!

Gazebos and Ramadas

One other good way to ensure backyard privacy is by using a gazebo, ramada or pergola. You can purchase either at a home improvement or patio or furniture store or build one yourself. A gazebo is really a structure that usually has Four to six sides and is covered by a canopy or top. A ramada or pergola can be compared, but is more open generally consists of a roof and four pillars. Gazebos and ramadas are available in various materials including wood and metal, and so are often easy to install yourself. These structures can raise the beauty of your backyard while offering you privacy.

Potted Plants

Adding large pots with either grasses or plants could be a great way to create a privacy screen for any porch or yard. For instance, try planting lemon grass in 3 to 4 large decorative pots in an effort to veil off a deck! Renting a Dump Trailer from Compact Power is a straightforward and effective way to move pre-planted what to, and around, your home. Bamboo and Chinese fan palms are great substitutes for pot planting.

Installing a Lattice Fence

For those who have a relatively small backyard, then installing a board fence could make your backyard appear smaller, and you may end up feeling claustrophobic. In that case, a lattice fence may come to your rescue. As shown within the image above, a lattice fence is really a wooden fence with crisscross patterns onto it. Just install the fence across the edges of your backyard, or wherever you need to, and plant a few flowering creepers and twining plants, for example wisteria, honeysuckle, morning glory, etc., along its base. Because the creepers grow along the fence, you will have a beautiful screen of flowers that will add to the beauty of your backyard.


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