Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms

Choosing window treatment for bathroom differs a bit from choosing them for any other room. The main concern in a bathroom is usually extreme temperature, moisture and extremely high level of moisture. Needless to say, this environment is just apt for mold and mildew growth. Hence, the material you choose for window treatment should be resistant to steam, water and mold. Also, consider the amount of natural light you need to let in your bathroom. There are several popular bathroom draperies. And shades is the most popular bathroom window treatment options. Shades allow bathers to control the privacy and light from the bathroom. Shades come in many different styles, so it’s not nearly impossible to find one that suits a person. Roman shades tightly hug the within the window molding, and are let down and up using a cord. Any time raised, they hang in neat pleats and are appropriate for a modern-day or traditional bathroom layout.

Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms

Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms

While installing windows, practicality can be combined with the concept of interior designing to install a window in its rightful place. Before the home owners decide on the look or style of the window, they should analyze its use and needs. For example; rooms facing the front of the house with a view of the street requires a greater privacy shield than those facing the stairs or rear of the house also, the upstairs room require less privacy. If the room is facing south or west, window treatments which block the sunlight should be fixed. While, in winter, windows facing the north should have window treatments which will provide a high thermal factor for energy efficiency.


Sheets appear best when white in color. These sheets are widely available in all fabric store. You can either keep the ends of the bottom open and stick them through the rod, or you can also drape them over the rod. but, the first option is the most opted one.


Paper being the cheapest material available in the market has become a choice of many fashion outlets in the use of curtains. A parchment can be used as curtains, or you can even use butcher paper too. In order to hang them, you have to strengthen the eyelet holes. These are long-lasting and beautify the look of your windows. You can purchase them from any hardware shop. This is believed to be an inexpensive window treatment idea. Papers can also be used in paper craft.


Installing curtains is the best way to decorate windows. Considered to be one of the best window covering ideas, curtains can partially or completely cover the window by adding a touch of elegance to the whole room.


You can also make curtains from linen. These if hung well with doilies, place mats and tea towels, tend to look very stylish. You can even use aprons as curtains as they make their own style statement if hung well. You can also hang dresser scarves through the wire threaded cup hooks present inside the window frame.

Pennants & Neckties

Other varieties of fabric can also be used for making curtains. You can set the pennants from a rope which can serve the purpose of curtains. You can tie curtain rods with neckties hanging from them. This can be implemented in the form of kids window treatment ideas.


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