Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Wedding lights bring ambiance to your ceremony and reception, and illuminate outdoor weddings into the night. Unique ideas include hanging icicle lights from ceilings, draping white wire lights across head tables, wrapping centerpieces, and stunning guests with impressive curtains of lights. Use our Wedding Lights Guide as a planning tool to ensure the bride and grooms day is picture perfect.

Consider Colored Lights: Another important consideration would be colored lights. This can definitely promote a dramatic effect in weddings. A good colored lighting option would be colors like soft rose or magenta as this can complement all skin types. Colors will also add effects on the atmosphere. One can take advantage of these effects through changing the shades of the lighting as the wedding progresses.

Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Wedding Tent Lighting

Wedding tents feel more open when illuminated with bright white lights. Hang white wire mini lights along the walls and over the top of the tent, either on the inside or outside surfaces. You can also create a tent using patio lights for a more open air feel while still framing your space.

Flower Lights

Flower lights, lighted branches, and additional unique ideas bring serenity to outdoor weddings. Flowers grace the brides bouquet, head table vases, flower girl hair bands – dont pass on adding lighted flowers to bushes and tables as well.

Connectible String Lights

These beautiful string lights look like these have embraced the evening with the scenery and made the wedding as a night to remember. These lights can be used on a tent as images or highlight stars shining in the sky. The lighting can also be used to accentuate central points like a sculpture, fountains or trees. These lights also come in form of ropes which are used to enhance the beauty of the area by lighting the aisle area on a golf course. Even hiding the string lights with colored fabrics forms a beautiful backdrop which is a hot trend this season.

Hybrid Solar Lights

Want to add a unique accent to your wedding, solar lights ensure optimum utilization of money. These lights utilize the solar energy at nighttime and do not require any wiring. These lights come as curtain lights and are available in bright colors which look beautiful when used on walls. These lights are also used to light archways and can be used in the garden, accentuating a sculpture or a tree. Some of these lights give a faint glow which can be used to light the cocktail area or dining area.


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