Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Couples

Bedroom decorating ideas are really needed when you are going to decorate or even to redesign bedroom. There are a lot of design ideas you can choose, from the simple to glorious one. You can choose the design based on your style. However, the new design will give you fresh atmosphere and hopefully make you more comfortable to stay in your bedroom.

Here are some exciting tips for romantic bedroom decorating:

Keep distraction away from your bedroom – there is nothing that could kill romance the way distraction does. Keep your bedroom impeccably clean – there should be no clutter, dust or anything that would disturb your romantic moments. As much as possible, the TV should be away or at least hidden. Keep clocks away from view among other things that you or your partner may keep looking at.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Choose flooring that encourages a romantic atmosphere – if you can still change your flooring, choose something that elicits romantic responses. If you are getting carpet, try one with pastel or cream color to promote a sense of comfort and relaxation. Many people consider thick and fluffy carpets to be quite romantic, and that may also be a good idea for you. If this is too costly for you, you can just get an area rug, one with fluffy and comfortable materials.

Add a sense of intoxication – install a small bar of good wine, preferably Champagne or other sparkling wine varieties with the appropriate wine glasses. You do not really have to keep a big cellar full of expensive vintage. A few bottles of good wine would be enough to spark up the mood. Just make it appear special, and just for the two of you.

Keep the lighting romantic – you would want smooth, dim lights for your romantic bedroom. Bright and harsh lighting can definitely kill the mood unless you really like seeing everything during your intimate moments. If you can install dimmers, that would be a good choice. You may want to use halogen bulbs instead of incandescent lamps because they use up less energy. Use halogen bulbs to light, special places, and just use a dimmer if the light is too strong.

Keep sweets in the room – if you and your partner have sweet tooth, you definitely can boost the romance by keeping some sweets in the room. Have candy handy, particularly those gourmet delights like truffles and pralines. Having cheap candy bars or bubble gum may be a turn-off so choose your sweets well. You may also want to keep strawberries with chocolate dip for more exotic tastes.

Spark the fire of your love with candles – nothing can set a romantic scene the way candles can. Keep scented candles, ones with essences that both you and your partner like. Light them up if you want to start an intimate moment together. Just make sure to keep candles away from sheets, paper and other things that can ignite – accidental fire can definitely ruin any romantic moment.

Clean and freshen the air – Make sure that your bedroom smells pleasant. Don’t pile dirty laundry where you can smell it and make sure your bedroom is clean and fresh. Add soft, romantic scents like lavender or rose. Be careful, however! You don’t want to overpower the room with strong fragrances — your partner may not adore the same sandalwood candle that you do! Instead, add fresh bouquets of flowers or spritz the room with lavender essential oil mixed with water.


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